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The book, I Am Malala: How One Girls Stood Up for Education and Changed the World is about a teenage Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai. Malala is a moderate Muslim that lived in Swat Valley, until she was shot in 2012. The point of the book is awareness for education for females. The three themes Importance of Education, Fame and the Importance of Role Models, and Courage and Perseverance come up in the book often. Importance of Education is very important because it is all throughout the book and is the main theme. Fame and the Importance of Role Models is important because Malala deals with lots of fame near the end of the book and gets many letters from people saying that she is their role model. Courage and Perseverance is an important theme because she and her father are very courageous to stand up to the Taliban and she perseveres at her goal of helping girls education. One important theme that emerges in I Am Malala is the Importance of Education. Malala shows her love for learning and her belief that all people…show more content…
The importance of Education is prominent because that is what Malala mainly stands for. It is also prominent because Malala’s father ran a school in Pakistan. Courage and Perseverance is also a prominent theme because Malala stands for something that could lead to her getting killed, which almost happened. This theme was also prominent because Malala’s father stood up to the Taliban, and he called the government out on not protecting their citizens. The third theme that is prominent in this book is Fame, Power, and the Importance of Role Models because Malala became popular for the ideas she stood for. It became more important when she won the Nobel Peace Prize. This book brought attention to many of the problems this world struggles with, and the people that are fighting to fix

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