I Am Malala Essay Life Lessons

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People learn through the mistakes they make during the long journey of their lives, these mistakes create lessons that we can use later in our life. However some of these life changing experiences or lessons do not have to come from mistakes but can come from experiences themselves or from a particular event that can be handy for a similar one that may come to a person 's path later in their life. In my life I have have had many lessons that I have learned from, because we exist as humans, and humans make mistakes. In the book I Am Malala Malala Yousafzai writes about her own life, her goals, ambitions, and how she persevered through the tough times where she felt like giving up. Malala can not be the only one in the world who faces obstacles in their life or even came face to face with death and still lived.…show more content…
A person can go through their life doing the same thing and may even do it wrong. However a courageous person not only realizes their wrongdoings or that they could be doing something better, but they need to take action to improve a situation or even their own lives or the lives of those around them. I can come to remember multiple times in my life in which I can say that I learned an important lesson from happen to be those from my younger years where I had been more ignorant to the world around me. During the deplorable years in the 8th grade, I suddenly had an epiphany. As I walked down the halls an unpleasing feeling sat deep in the pit of my stomach. I had turned a corner and saw a young man no younger than myself laid out across the floor of the hall. Leaning against the wall he had no idea i had approached him, as I hid the hall monitor for the recess session of the day and I wore my Gold hall monitor badge with pride. Taking notice to the unpleasing kid I have just encountered on the floor I realized his shoes. At first I thought perhaps something had
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