I Am Malala

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Malala was a young girl from Pakistan who was very outspoken. She became very outspoken about the rights for girls and their education. Her eagerness to stand up for her beliefs makes her a target for those with the opposite beliefs as her. The Taliban were those targeting her. The Taliban was a religious group that had a very different idea about the rules of the women in Pakistan. On her way to school one day she was shot in the head. Though the shot didn 't kill her, it went past her eye. At the moment, she was shot she bent down making the bullet miss her brain and go through her neck to her shoulder. She was taken care of by a foreign doctor, who later took her to a hospital in Britain for therapy. Her family, after paperwork was allowed…show more content…
During the book persistence is a main aspect. Malala was persistent to learn and push through everything that happened to her to get her education. Even after being shot she still was persistent in sharing her story. "I don 't want to known as the girl who was shot by the Taliban, but the girl who fought for her education. This is the cause to which I devote my life" I like this quote because after all that happened she still wanted to devote her life and make a difference to her education. Another aspect is misery. Misery is another key aspect, for multiple reasons. Misery surrounds Malala and her family. Even though misery surrounds them, they still keep a positive look on everything. The Taliban put limitations on schools, woman, and more. "We felt like the Taliban saw us as little dolls, telling us what to do and how to dress" Finally, the last is dedication. Dedication is an extremely important aspect. Malalas shows dedication in many ways when it comes to her fighting for her education. She didn 't give up, she kept pushing to speak her mind and that important to her, she worked to spread that woman should get an education just like men. "Peace in every home, every street, every country this my dream. Education for every boy and girl in the
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