I Am Malala Hero's Journey Essay

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Have you ever noticed the way characters go on journey’s during movies and books follow a pattern? In I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai it talks about her adventure to make girls have rights and get to go to school just like boys; during The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien it goes through Bilbo's adventure with Thorin and Co. to reclaim the treasures that were taken. Both books have a few similarities and many differences that these author’s uses to portray the Hero's Journey. There are many differences between the steps of these heroes’ journeys. First, in Malala’s Calling to Adventure she got the call from inside and not a direct call hers is also after departure. In the text it says “ This was my calling. Some powerful force had come to dwell inside…show more content…
The text says “And here is our little Bilbo Baggins, the burglar, the choose and selected burglar. Second, when Malala gets to departure it is a mental departure compared to leaving a place. The text says “ The title was “I Am Afraid.” I wrote about how hard it was to study or sleep at night with the constant sounds of fighting in the hills outside town. I described how I walked to school each morning, looking over my shoulder with fear of seeing the Talib following me” explaining how she moved out of her comfort zone to reach out and make a diary to help girls. Third, in Bilbo's Departure he departed from his hobbit hole to lands he never even seen before. “Green Dragon Inn, Bywater, at II a.m. sharp.” and “when they were among the Misty Mountains and far from the lands of respectable people, it seemed a bad wet evening to begin”. Fourth, in trails of Malala’s story she was also threatened by the war between the army and the Taliban. In the text it states “a few how daily life continued despite the bomb blasting and killing. School remained a haven from the insanity of a city in the middle of the war. It

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