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On Tuesday, October 8th 2012 Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head for speaking out against the Taliban, and for education. “I Am Malala” is an Autobiography depicting the life of Malala Yousafzai, who lived in Pakistan when the Taliban came to power. When the Taliban made threats to the education of girls Malala spoke out. She grew in popularity and many people stood behind her in support of her cause. She grew into this fight, for her father was fighting it as well. He was an educator who dedicated his life to providing education to all the children of Pakistan. Throughout the novel we see how this fight is passed to Malala, and how she begins to lead it because Malala was the daughter of an educator who naturally took an interest in her…show more content…
Her support grew dramatically. News of her attack spread throughout Pakistan within a few hours, and hundreds went to support her at the hospital in Pakistan. Soon the news had spread throughout the world and millions stood in support of her. In chapter 23, Malala says “Beyoncé had written me a card and posted a phtot of it on Facebook, Selena Gomez had tweeted about me and Modana had dedicated a song. There was even a message from my favorite actress and social activist, Angelina Jolie”. This quote says that Malala was so well known that world famous celebrities were talking in support of her. Malal’s influence and message had become well known throughout the world; she was being seen as the leader of the fight for girls education. Ziauddin saw how high Malala had grown, and fully supported it. He embraced her newfound influence and was proud of her for it. In the epilougue, Ziauddin is quoted in saying “In my part of the world most people are known by their sons. I am one of the few lucky fathers known by his daughter”. Ziauddin is saying that in Pakistan, males are normally the ones to bring the honor of achievments to the family, but he is proud of having his daughter be the one to achieve great things. He fully supports Malala, and is proud of being her
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