I Am Malala Rhetorical Devices

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The book “ I am Malala” is a book that speaks essentially of something everyone deserves, withal not everyone has. Education is an interesting topic in this book it speaks about is how Malala started from zero all the way up to the big leagues. The use of rhetorical devices in The Book “I am Malala” Is a captivating story of a young girl who fights for the education of women which in her ideals is considered a right. Rhetorical devices in the book are present throughout the entire book since Malala is a person who utilizes emotions and facts to back up her arguments and she uses these rhetorical devices in the face of danger. Malala is a strong young woman with the power to change the world through the use of her voice. Malala convinces the world that education is a human right which should not be taken away through the use of Ethos and pathos which motivate the audience to back up Malala in her cause Malala utilizes many rhetorical devices, withal one she employs numerous times in the book is hypotyposis which means the vivid description of the scene. An example of this would be when the author addresses “ When I close my eyes, I can see my bedroom. The bed is unmade, my fluffy blanket in a heap, because I’ve rushed out for school”…show more content…
Malala is in the book is a very mature young girl. She demonstrates this with “Aba,” I said, trying to reassure him. “Everybody knows they will die someday. No one can stop death. It doesn't matter if it comes from a Talib or cancer” (yousafzai Pg 118). Here she expresses the fact that even though people may want to kill her due to her ideology of giving women the opportunity to receive the education. And Malala does not fear this threat since she knows that if she ever gets shot the killer won't decide if she dies, withal the only God will know if it is her time to leave the
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