I Am Malala Role Model

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Malala took everyone on a journey in her autobiography I Am Malala, as she shared her powerful story of fighting for women’s rights for education while under the Taliban rule. She overcame every obstacle thrown in her way and did not give up no matter what, all because she had a clear set of values. The article, “What is a Role Model? Five Qualities that Matter to Teens” by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, explains the many qualities of what it takes to be a role model, such as having passion and ability to inspire, selflessness and acceptance of others, ability to overcome obstacles etc. However, having a key quality such as a clear set of values is something that every role model should have because they know what they want to order to help accomplish their goals. As long as they just put their mind to it and have their priorities set out, nothing will stop them in doing what they believe in. Malala had this quality which made her able to inspire millions of people around the world and in the end, she has gotten one step closer to what she wanted, children’s rights for education. Not only did the Taliban make Swat Valley into a terrifying and deadly place, but they also made many unjust laws, including all…show more content…
To obtain this goal, Malala had a clear sense of her values the entire time since she did not back down even after receiving threats to give up, she kept on fighting. Malala before and after she was shot are similar because before Malala was shot, she valued school very much, and was a strong, independent, 14 year old girl who knew what her goals were. Now, she became more, she is a role model to many people all across the world and inspires many on a daily basis with her powerful speeches for those children who have been deprived of an
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