I Am Malala Superhero Essay

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When thinking about Malala and all the adversity and challenges she persevered through, I could only think one thing about her. She is a hero. Not just a hero though, she is a superhero. She fearlessly stood up for what she believed in and what she thought was right, and she did not just do this for herself, she did this for all women. She lead the movement to allow women the right to an education when no one else was doing anything. Despite being shot and continually getting death threats, she still fights for a good cause and fights for people everywhere who are unable to do so for themselves. In my mind Malala is a superhero. She is because of her strong will and relentless pursuit for what is right. A superhero is a person who has a power…show more content…
There are numerous people who do what is right and take down the bad. In my mind what sets apart heroes and superheroes, is the special power that superheroes possess and use. That is why I consider Malala more than just an average hero. Just by reading the book I Am Malala, I have been inspired to go out and find what it is that I am passionate about, and once I have found that make sure that it can not be taken away from me or anyone else. That right there is what I believe to be Malala’s power. She has the special ability to influence people positively to make a change. She has done tremendous work in making sure all women have to ability to receive and education. She got the word out about what is wrong and how it needs to change and has gotten other people to see that and follow her. In some ways she has started a movement to further women’s right to education. I do not think just any person could do that. I am sure there are other people who have wanted to do the same thing she is doing and lead the movement but done have the power she has. She found her super power and used it in the best way possible and I believe that is one of the points this book is trying to make. It is very possible that everyone has their own super power they just need to figure out what it is and then do some beneficial and positive with
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