I Am Malala Themes

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Themes in the Life of Malala
I am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World is a memoir following the heroic Pashtun, Malala Yousafzai, through her journey to raise awareness for women’s rights; she even wrote this book to spread awareness about her goals. Malala was born in Mingora, Swat Valley, Pakistan as a Moderate Muslim in 1997. While she was campaigning for women’s rights and education for women, though, she was attacked by a Talib with a gun, sending her to a hospital in Birmingham. Malala’s dedication to female rights and education changed the world for the better. Even when the Taliban was against her, she had countless people supporting her mission.
Malala said, “I wouldn’t stop, I spoke for education and
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Most of the rights for Pakistani Women aren’t quite rights but restrictions. First, women must follow the code of purdah by covering their head and face. As Fazlullah rose to power, he made the rights for women quite a bit more strict, banning women from the public. At one point, Malala and her Mother were stopped in their cars by a Talib who told them they were bringing shape because they were not wearing burqas. Because women had limited rights, going to school as a female was frowned upon by most. Malala exclaimed how she was, “far luckier than most girls” (Yousafzai, 19) because she was permitted something that most Pakistani girls don’t have; a school education. Malala loved school and the uniforms. She was always a top student, and her grades always meant the world to her. However, when Fazlullah began his radio program, he announces that schools for girls should be banned in accordance with the Holy Quran. Many girls left school in fear of being targeted by Fazlullah, but this just fueled Malala’s fire. She began writing a “diary” for the BBC about her schooling under the pseudonym Gula McKay. She even gave speeches on women’s rights for education, speaking about how she felt about the Taliban. Even though Malala has made incredible progress in her mission for equal rights for women, her religion was often something that attempted rope her
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