I Am Mexican-American Stereotypes

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What people label us is not always what we are and it could be rather offensive at times when people label us because of one’s looks or background. For instance, if I we’re to be asked “what are you?” In my head I would think to myself “I’m a girl, a breathing thing living on Earth.” but of course the one asking might not be awaiting such answer. I would simply say I am Mexican-American, Hispanic-American, or Latina. I wouldn’t consider myself full Mexican because in reality I know very little about the Mexican culture. I am Mexican-American because both my parents are Mexican and I was born in America. I am Hispanic-American because I can speak spanish. In my family my brother and I are the only ones who can have a full conversation in spanish unlike the majority of my cousins from my mom's side of the family. I am Latina because i am a girl from Latin American descent.
I know for a fact there’s various stereotypes considering one's background, whether it’s culture, ethnicity, beliefs, ect. One stereotype I know there is, is that “all Mexicans/Latinos eat really spicy food” and that is not true. I am Mexican, but I do not eat spicy food, actually it is very rare for me to eat that kind food, out of my whole family and relatives I believe I am the only one who does not eat something
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We are different colors as the birds. Birds are what represent Latinos. We are scattered everywhere and free. As the birds are different colors, we are different shades. Birds are usually in a bunch, so are Latinos, we are united.
I consider myself to be more of a typical American, because I seriously do not know much about my culture nor background. My family members always tell me that I am not Mexican because I know nothing and I don’t eat spicy food. It doesn’t matter much to me. Mexican-American means “American of full or partial Mexican descent.”
Latina means “A woman or girl of Latin American origin or
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