I Am Not Charlie Hebdo Analysis

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I am Not Charlie Hebdo In the essay “I Am Not Charlie Hebdo” the author, David Brooks, writes about the publics reaction to the attacks at Charlie Hebdo. He believes the American people are hypocrites. They believe in freedom of speech and expression only until it effects their own personal views. Charlie Hebdo was a journalist company located in Paris France known for its satirical publishings. The journalists at Charlie Hebdo had published multiple cartoons mocking the Prophet Muhammad. On January 7th 2015, in response to the cartoons, two men claiming to be members of Al Qaeda barged into the magazines office and opened fire, killing 11 people. To Brooks, public reaction to the attack was nothing but hypocritical. Those killed became martyrs for freedom of expression. But if a magazine had published a satirical cartoon of the same sort here in America, they might not have been killed for it, but instead they would not be looked upon in the same light as those who lost their lives in Paris. They would more than likely be shut up immediately.…show more content…
I believe we as Americans tend to scream and shout about freedom of speech and freedom of expression only until someone decides to use those same freedoms to say something or express themselves in a way that offends our own views and beliefs. It’s never right to suppress anyones speech regardless of what they are saying. That is the great thing about this Country. The freedom of expression forms the basis of other rights and allows them to thrive. Being half African American and half Caucasian brings a lot of issues to my attention. White supremacists march their marches and throw their “pep rallies” to rile up emotion, just as does the Black Lives Matter movement. As much as I hate having to admit it, but white supremacist are allowed to practice their freedom of speech just like anybody else as long as it doesn’t impede on others
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