I Am Sam Reflection

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I Am Sam is the story of a father who has the mental capacity of a 7 year old child. Sam (Sean Penn) had a daughter with a homeless woman who abandons them as soon as their daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning) is born. When Lucy is 6 years old, the school she attends becomes concerned with the home care she is receiving as she begins to become more mature than her father. This results in the courts taking Lucy away from Sam and giving him brief visitation periods every week until he can prove that he is a fit parent. Sam then seeks out a lawyer, finding a high class lawyer named Rita Harrison who is willing to take on his case pro bono to gain favour with her peers. Rita and Sam struggle to prove to the courts that Sam is in fact capable and has the support groups to successfully raise his daughter. After getting a new job and showing himself a capable parent, the foster family that Lucy had been staying with accepts that Sam is in fact a good father and suggests so to the courts. The movie ends with Sam regaining custody of his daughter Lucy, with special help coming from the previous foster family who continues to help Sam and Lucy by giving Lucy all of the opportunities she deserves. During the court proceedings in the movie I Am Sam, friends of Sam were asked and prepared to be character references. However, when the proceedings began the witnesses were not allowed on the stand due to not being reliable; assumably due to their mental disabilities. According to The Canada

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