I Am Telemachus Reflection

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I am Telemachus. Walking down the hallway made me nervous. The stares of many people, who thought I shouldn’t be up there, scorched my black sweater and made me burn with embarrassment, making me wish I hadn’t worn so many layers despite it being thirty degrees outside. Here I was, a third grader going to a winter class for fourth and fifth graders. My dad had signed me up for a class for my grade in order to get ahead in regular school, but after twenty minutes, it was pretty clear that I had already went through this material during school. So, after an agonizing twenty minutes of receiving compliments by strangers about completing the pretest after five minutes and having the teacher call me to the front to demonstrate long division, while she went to have a conversation with the principal about what to do with me, they decided to put me in a class that had both fourth and fifth graders. Right now, I was…show more content…
Throughout the book, he undergoes character development and grows a lotittle as a person. He is constantly thought of as a child and the suitors undermine him, but in the end, the suitors are proved wrong as Telemachus slaughters them. Although my memory was less violent, it still helped me grow as a person just like Telemachus did in the Odyssey. The girls in that class thought that I wouldn’t be able to handle the class and I had given them enough reason to because I was shy and nervous, but I changed their minds after correctly solving the problems and having more confidence in myself. Near the beginning of the book, Telemachus had gone to a king and needed to introduce himself. He did so with courage and confidence and this made him grow a little as a character. Also Telemachus proved he was just as good as the suitors by standing up to them on several occasions and finally killing them with his

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