I Am Too Old My Enemy

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First of all, Guido is super confidence compared to Schlomo. He is confidence in virtually every aspect of his life, foremost in his ability to 'control ' his surroundings. By using tricks, his smooth tongue and quick-thinking mind, Guido had demonstrated an extraordinary capability to manipulate his surroundings thus create seemingly magical events out of pure coincidence, such as created this fantasy of her being a princess and himself being a prince when Dora fall into his arm when they first met; or when he appeared out of nowhere, steal her from her fiancee Amico and let her enter this world of imagination where ' Virgin Marry ' will granted you the key to heaven if you stood calling her name below the window, where a stranger will…show more content…
Opposite to Guido, Schlomo demonstrated a very low confidence in his capability to control his surrounding. This is vividly shown in his denial to accept the existence of dangers caused by the Holocaust despite countless warnings from Moishe the Beadle, or even ignore Elizer 's persuasion to leave when its still possible for their family to buy emigration certificate to Palestine, "I am too old, my son. Too old to start a new life. Too old to start from scratch in some distant land..." (pg9). Schlomo 's deep denial about the upcoming dangers resulted from his lack of confidence, his unconscious belief that no capability to control anything. This is completely different to optimism like in Guido 's case, as although Guido always approached things positively, he also not hestitate to face the negative reality and take actions against it, for instance at the near end of the film, Guido learned that the female prisoners are being transported outside the camp by trucks that came back empty (which implied death for these prisoners), he had risked his life to try to warned Dora. On the contrary, Schlomo build his so called 'optimism ' on the foundation of self- denial that ultimately resulted from his low self confidence. Schlomo 's lack of confidence consequently led to his negative and hopeless perspective on life. Throughout ' Night ', especially as it progressed into later stages, he had portrayed a very vivid image of desperation and hopelessness, which is first exposed
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