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The format I Ask My Mother to Sing, by Li-Young Lee and Picture Bride, by Cathy Song are written are extremely similar. They are both written in a very own like format. Neither of them contain rhythm, rhyme, and metering. These three components are often found in poems, they are usually the first things one notices when reading a poem. This being said these poem are written in free verse. Both poets have created poems written in their own kind of format that goes well with the writing in these poems. Another component to the format of a poems is the tone. Both of these poems have tone, although they are not the same tone it plays an important role of the reading format. Another dynamic piece to format is the title. Both Cathy Song and Li-Young…show more content…
In Picture Bride, a twenty four year old korean girl wonders what it was like for her grandmother to leave home for a man she had never met. The poem states, “Whose name she had only recently learned, on whose shore a man waited”(line 11-14). This whole poem told through the eyes of the granddaughter explaining a big moment that her grandmother went through. All of these questions and wonders she had about her grandmother's experience were being built up due to the thoughts she was having about what her experience was going to be like. In I Ask My Mother to Sing, a young girl watches her mother and grandmother join to together and sing a song of memory. In the poem it states, “Mother and daughter sing like young girls. If my father were alive, he would play”(line 2-3). The song allows for the past to be remembered within it. From the beginning to end, this song weaves its story and presents within the poem. This young girl watches and feels the emotions of her mother and grandmother through their voices and stories in the song. These poems being written from a perspective coming from a young girl shows great similarities and bonds between both poems and poets. It not only connects poems and poets but details of the ideas of the poems as

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