I Beat Algernon

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Do you think Charlie was better before or after the surgery?I think he was better after the surgery because in the book before the surgery he was clueless. After the surgery he was able to comprehend more, and he realized that everyone wasn 't his friend. In my next paragraphs i will have numerous more reasons why Charlie was better off after the surgery.
My first reason is, he realized that he loved Ms.Kinnian. IN the story Charlie says, “I didn’t realize how beautiful she was, and she is only 34.” This was when he realized that he had actual feelings for Ms.Kinnian. He also said, “I’m in love with Ms.Kinnian!” These two reasons led me to think that he realized he fell in love with Ms.Kinnian. Another thing he said was, “...The thought of
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This was very important to Charlie. When it happened he was ecstatic. In progress report 9, page 120, Charlie says “I beat Algernon! I didn 't even know I beat him until Burt the tester told me.”After this happened, he realized that the operation worked, and he was actually smarter than what people thought he was. That was the day he decided to celebrate. After words when he was leaving the lab he asked Miss Kinnian a very important question. That is where the information in my first paragraph came from. He felt so good when he realized he was smart that he worked up the courage to ask Miss Kinnian toi dinner. My final reason is, that he actually got smarter. When he was smarter the whole world was a different thing for Charlie. Not only did that give him courage and something to really be happy about, but it helped him realize more things about life that he did not realize before. In progress report 11 on page 125 it states that “When I became smart like Dr.Straus said, with three times my IQ of 68, then maybe I’ll be like everyone else, and people will like me and want to be my friend.” This and all of my previous answers is what led me to think that he was better off after the surgery. In conclusion, Charlie gordon was better after the surgery. Again, this is because he finally realized that he loved Miss Kinnian, he beat Algernon, and he got smarter. This was a win win situation for charlie. This is why I think Charlie Gordon was better after the surgery. Completely
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