I Believe In Leah's Short Story: The Haunted House

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“Do you believe in Leah’s story? Do you believe it’s true?” William asked timidly, looking around the abandoned building nervously. He gripped the flashlight in his hand, beaming the light in different directions. Roman, the boy beside him, laughed at his friend’s fear.

“Of course not. It was just a stupid ghost story they made up to try and get us to chicken out of the dare.” Roman replied, boldly continuing to walk into the house. William followed behind quickly, mainly just because of the fear of being left alone in the otherwise empty house.

The wooden floorboards groaned in protest at the weight of the two boys, and with every creak of the floor William jumped up some, anxiously glancing around, regretting accepting this dare in the
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She will be all over you.” He assured. This comment only made William’s face go a deeper shade of red, but the darkness of the house covered his face enough so the blush was not visible. Either way, William seemed to walk a bit straighter now at the thought. Roman stifled a laugh at William’s new attitude change.

The pair entered a kitchen, with cracked tile flooring. At one point, the tile must have been white, but now it was tinted a brownish-yellow colour, caked with years of dust and grime. Wooden cabinets were hung on the wall above a counter, but most of their doors were ajar or broken, revealing the empty shelves inside of them. There was a sink, and a space which looked like it had once held a refrigerator long ago.
The boys looked around the kitchen, shining their lights around as they explored. Remnants of glass from old cups and china crunched beneath the boy’s shoes. Roman was looking through the different shelves along the pantry, but William stopped in his tracks, going silent.

“Roman? Did you hear that?” He questioned quietly. Roman turned from the counter he had been rummaging through, raising a brow at William curiously, waiting for him to proceed. “There- There was a sound. It sounded like footsteps.” William continued, glancing to the door and back to his friend. Roman sighed, shaking his
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