Why Did You Call Of The Conflict Between Buck And Spitz

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What I liked I call of the will was on chapters 1-5 because of all the constant action and excitement. 1 of my favorites is when Buck and Spitz fight to the death. Also when Buck get legs of steel and thick pelt. There was not really anything I didn’t like exWcept for when buck was abused. With all of it combined I loved call of the wild. The setting in the book was very detailed like when there was ice cold snow glittering flakes in the sky and the trees have menacing ice sickles. The setting in this book included towns and forests. Setting is very important to know how the environment was and like how cold it was and how bright it was. My favorite was when Buck was at the tents and tries to find somewhere to find a warm spot to sleep and…show more content…
Conflict shows the fights and the anger between someone. Foreshadowing shows the clues and what’s going to happen in the future. In this Book the conflict was between Buck and Spitz fighting to be leader. The foreshadowing in that was when Buck and Spitz growl at each other. I think the conflict is the exiting part and the foreshadowing keeping you on your toes. I think the most important thing in the book from the choices of conflict foreshadowing and setting is setting. The reason for that is you can’t freeze in the winter without the ice cold snow and the spine chattering wind. Why I didn’t choose conflict or foreshadowing is because they both show what’s going to happen in the future and the fights. I think conflict came in second in this book is because of how Buck and Spitz fought to the death. Why I had foreshadowing in last is because it didn’t really have much in the story. Why might Charlie be in the movie but not the book? It was because in the movie it was about john and the journey to find gold. The book was all about Buck going to owner to owner trying to survive the harsh environment. Therefor Charlie would be in the movie to help john and not in the book. Also the book had what Buck was doing and what happened to him and what he
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