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I Capture the Castle Picture yourself in an old medieval castle near the coast. This place you call your home, is keeping you from living to the fullest. Do you choose to make the best of your situation or do you run away from your problems? "I Capture the Castle" is the story of the Mortmain family living in a castle in 1930s England. The story is revealed through the journal entries of 17-year-old Cassandra Mortmain who writes every day to perfect her writing skills. Dodie Smith, the author, portrays the difficulties of young Cassandra and her family. The story covers six months of time during which the Mortmain’s emerge from poverty to relative comfort due to changing circumstances. However, the Mortmain family goes through many bumps…show more content…
They take solve each problem as if it were a puzzle. The family lives in poverty since Mr. Mortmain refuses to write any more books and they have sold off their valuables including most of their furniture. Stephen works for a local farmer and gives most of his wages to the family which at least provides some food. Rose, especially wanting to do her best, sets her sights on a young man named Simon Cotton. The Cotton family is intrigued by the genteel Mortmain’s and become their benefactors, changing their living circumstances. The Mortmain household’s work pays…show more content…
I think that “I Capture the Castle”, by Dodie Smith was a very complicated yet enjoyable story. The novel made me desperately wanting to help each character during their own personal conflects. I would recommend this book to someone who wants to challenge themselves with multiply conflicts. I myself, feel that this book was interesting, but at some points a little dull. If I was the author I would add more description and detail about each unique problem. Overall, the Mortmain’s story was captured by Cassandra’s journal entries in a way that depicts a strong family striving for

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