Ee Cummings I Carry Your Heart With Me Analysis

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Diction and Unusual Typography in E. E. Cummings’
“i carry your heart with me” i carry your heart with me by E. E. Cummings is a simple love poem with no abstruse diction. That is why I love this poem at the first glance. Having no ambiguous words makes this poem can be easily read, and it also makes me can easily feel the powerful feeling of love expressed through words in the poem. Furthermore, the unusual typography in this poem makes me curious what Cummings’ intention is in doing so. I believe that by examining the simple diction and the unusual typography used by Cummings in conveying the tone of this poem, we can reveal the poem’s deepest meaning, and portray the great images beneath the poem. In this essay, I will elaborate my findings on this poem’s diction and how it illustrates the images in this poem, as well as the unusual typography.
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He tries to show that his lover and he are united in a very strong feeling of love that could not be broken or separated. He always thinks about his lover whenever, wherever, and whatever he is doing. I think, Cummings is trying to show his bounding to his lover in a dramatic way.
Talking about the diction, as I stated before, this poem is written with simple diction and no ambiguous words. However, its simplicity of diction does not lessen its meaning. On the contrary, through his simple choice of words, Cummings can convey the tone of adoration and powerful feeling of his love towards his lover successfully. Started from its title, i carry your heart with me, he does not really mean it, because he actually cannot carry someone’s heart, what he means by the word “heart” is his lover’s
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