I Chose To Pursue My Soccer Career

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Recently I committed to Allen Community College to continue my soccer career. Having done this all my hard work has payed off. A few months ago I was questioning if I even wanted to continue playing after high school season ended but Allen definitely changed that for me. This is one of my biggest achievement because soccer has always had such a positive impact on my life. Being able to say that I got offered a scholarship to continue playing has had a huge impacts on me as a person. Since I was awarded this scholarship it has made me set higher goals for myself, not only on the soccer field but in everything I do. Allens head soccer coach, Jeremy McGinnis, approached me after he watched me perform at multiple college showcases. Knowing he saw me as a talented player made me strive to become even…show more content…
When I was younger I always wanted to be just like my older brother, Mikey. His senior year he got offered a soccer scholarship and seeing him achieve his goal made me strive to become just as good as he was so I could do what he did and make him proud of me. However, he was unable to finish college, since he was unable to finish I feel like I owe it to him to do what he was unable to do. Having an older brother that shares the same passion as me has helped me significantly. He has always encouraged me to become the best I can be. He would always tell me: “Strive for success and don’t stop until you reach your full potential.” Being able to see the mistakes he made will help me succeed at Allen.
This past season really opened my eyes because I was offered multiple scholarships from many different Universities and Community Colleges. Looking back at my performances has made me realize how far I have come from when I set my goal when younger. I have exceeded my goals and I never imagined being as far as I am now. I am proud of how far I have came and I will continue to better myself to make my future
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