Get Over My Imposter Syndrome Summary

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Whenever people think of imposter syndrome they think it is easy to overcome. A lot of people have their own ways to overcome something like imposter syndrome, but what if you have a unique way of doing that? In an article called “I Dressed Like Cookie for a Week to Get Over My Imposter Syndrome” Jazmine Hughes is a journalist working at The New York Times who is trying to overcome her imposter syndrome by dressing like a character from a show that is called “Empire”. This article was published on a website named Cosmopolitan on October 22, 2015. Jazmine’s essay effectively persuades the audience that she is trying to persuade. In the article of “I Dressed Like Cookie for a Week to Get Over My Imposter Syndrome” a journalist named Jazmine…show more content…
It was published on October 22, 2015. The website that it was published on contains a lot of articles that are all interesting like articles about fashion, and also about style, and articles about love. The article relates a lot to the website that it was published on because of the content that they put on the website every day. The article talks a lot about fashion and there is a lot about fashion on the website. You can also go and follow them on there website and also subscribe to them if you want. Jazmines articles talks about a lot of things that a lot of people can relate to. This article is meant for people who are around the ages of their early twenties to their forties. From the contents of the website and the article this articles seems like its towards women. It relates to women because she talks a lot about fashion and about prices and Cookie. It could also be for people who are into fashion like or for people who are into the show “Empire” and the character Cookie that is in the show. The article can also relate to people who are interested in how she managed to get over her imposter…show more content…
She really does a great job in her article and I just feel like a lot a people can definitely benefit if they read this article. It is just a good article to learn from someone else 's experience and relate to it. I appreciate the fact that she did not make the article hard to understand. In general the way that Jazmine Hughes overcame her imposter syndrome by dressing up like someone else is one way of solving or overcoming imposter syndrome. There are still so many other different ways that people overcome this out there and who knows maybe this way works for
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