Character Analysis: I Escaped A Violent Gang

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In the memoir “I Escaped a Violent Gang” and the play “The Watsons Go to Birmingham.” the theme they used was courage. In “I Escaped a Violent Gang”, Ana had enough courage to join a gang but not only that but to stand up against it. In “The Watsons Go to Birmingham” Sarah and Junior walk in a march for equal rights. They both show courage in different ways in “I Escaped a Violent Gang” the characters actions are different. Sarah and Junior both march for equal rights, but Ana wasn’t marching for rights she was standing up for herself by trying to get out and standing up to her gang. They both are trying to help themselves out, in “I Escaped a Violent Gang” Ana is only trying to help out herself, she wants to get out of the gang that she’s in, but in “The…show more content…
Both of the stories characters could be in a lot of danger. Ana was really hurt by her gang, and Junior and Sarah went to jail for two weeks. In the Memoir, “I Escaped a Violent Gang”, the author shows us that the main character had the courage to join a gang. Even if it meant they had to be harmed to get in.In the beginning “I just wanted my mom to stop crying. My eyes got watery and something happened inside of me. It went against everything I’d ever been taught my whole life. I told the truth. I said “Paco did it!”. This fits the claim because the first quote is when she sells out her own gang member. Which went against the motto that she grew up on. The gang could do anything to her, but she still did the
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