I Express My Shame Analysis Speech

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I Express My Shame Analysis Speech Gerhard Schröder makes the speech extremely remarkable because he addresses the survivors, mentions the horrible aspects of the Holocaust, and includes the audience. I Express My Shame is a speech by Gerhard Schröder that was given on the 60th anniversary of Auschwitz ending. With Gerhard addressing the survivors: he allows them to trust him, how he mentions the horrible aspects of the Holocaust he shows how he cares, and the way he includes the audience they listen. The commemoration of Auschwitz was held in a Berlin theater. The ceremony was organized by the International Auschwitz committee. The International Auschwitz Committee consists of Holocaust survivors and different political speakers. Gerhard
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He says, “It would be fitting for us Germans to remain silent face of what was the greatest crime in the history of mankind” (Schröder speech). The “crime” they committed gives them no privilege to have an opinion about the war. Their opinion, even if benefits the targets in the Holocaust, does not reflect the millions of people that died during the holocaust. Their opinion is irrelevant because most likely they had no family die in the war unless in battle. Lives were stripped piece by piece by German soldiers. To have no opinion is better than to have an opinion that is useless. He uses pathos to include why Germans should have no opinion. There is also a strong sense of ethos because he experienced and witnessed some of the crucial events in the war. In conclusion, Gerhard Schröder’s speech to the Germans and political parties was momentous for the following reasons: he addressed the survivors, included the audience, and mentions the horrendous features of the Holocaust. As a result, the writing techniques Gerhard used to write his speech allows the audience to connect. Ultimately, the craftsmanship included was pathos to connect to the audience, ethos to be believable, metaphors, and
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