I Feel Bad About My Neck Analysis

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I Feel Bad About My Neck and Other Thoughts On Being A Woman is a humorous nonfiction written by Nora Ephron. Nora wrote about the things that she hates and the struggles of being a woman. As she has gotten older in time she has realized that being a woman is not that easy. Being a girl, I liked it because it is something that all women at some point in their lives will be able to relate to and it suggests that women deserve more credit for what they do. The author, Nora Ephron, starts and ends each section with the things that she does not like about being a woman. “Blind as a bat” and “I feel bad about my neck” are just two of the countless factors that she hates about growing up us a woman. On page 54, the chapter labeled “Parenting in Three Stages” starts. This was my favorite chapter because it can relate to any type of woman. Any woman that decides to have a child will be able to relate. There are separate sections in this chapter on the different stages the child will go through and how she handled it. From reading the text, it is obvious that being a mom is hard and one day I will be able to relate to this topic for…show more content…
All women will be able to appreciate that she indirectly states that women deserve more recognition. If a man were to read this book, he would most likely be more appreciative of women because they have a variety of day to day struggles. The chapter named “On Maintenance” on page 30 can relate to this the best. This chapter has subsections labeled hair, hair dye, nails, unwanted hair, exercise, and skin. These are just a few of the endeavors women have to go through every day and they only get worse over time. Most of the time, men do not particularly have to worry about these issues, so after reading this chapter it is clear that women do have to deal with things that most men do
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