I Hate Hamlet Play Analysis

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I Hate Hamlet was written by Paul Rudnick. Since it was not a musical, there were no songs or music. The play was directed by Heather Elaine Banning, a former Texas Tech graduate. This play was presented by the Art Centre Theatre in Plano, Texas. This theatre is located just near the Dallas North Tollway and Plano Parkway. The date of the show was October 17, 2015. In the theatre, I was seated in the row closest to the stage in the right corner. I figured the best way to observe the play was to be as close as possible to the actors. The play was basically split into two parts with an intermission in the middle. An advantage of this theatre was that it was fairly close to my house. I did not have to drive more than 25 minutes. A disadvantage…show more content…
The conclusion was short, but in the end it was comical. The director did a great job in the play. I noticed some details when watching that were very important to a live show. For example, there was no scene where the characters had their back turned to the audience. Also, there were never more than three people on the stage at the same time. The stage was small, so three was a good amount to have on without it getting too crowded. The actors interacted with each other very informally, which in my opinion was great. This showed a very natural emotion and it made it seem like the characters were not really acting, but using real expressions. The scene where emotion was most natural was when Gary, one of Andrew’s agents, begged him to take a television gig for an insane amount of money. When Rally said no, Gary went crazy. She was crying and begging him to take it, and this was not only comical, but also very natural. You could tell that it was not rehearsed from both actors and that they were actually not even having to act. It was a very clear emotion and one of the best scenes. The play went at a decent pace. It was not too quick. As far as sound effects, there were almost none.
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