I Hate Summer Camp

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I hate summer camp. My names jack and this is how it all began. Mom was saying it is a good way to experience having a time on my own and staying outside by myself because in the future when I go to college I have to do everything on my own so I had to do it I thought it was just going to be as normal as school can be but alas I didn’t know what was going to happen until it hit me there. My friend Dean had a harder time then me he wouldn’t even budge after his mom tried to pull him out of the house it took all three of us to drag him out of the house. He just wanted to stay at home with the air conditioning on and play video games or go travel somewhere for summer break instead of listening to teachers saying about math language science and do pushups and sit-ups till you drop covered in sweat. We both went different ways partly because they were both saying that their road can get there faster when there was a traffic jam we drove beside each other and I rolled down the window. “I would rather play video games rather spending my whole summer wasting time on this”. “life is unfair “I said. Well we got into the camp and Deans mom had to drag him out. We went to the front t desk and the person there was saying welcome and asking us how long do we want to stay. I said 2 hours but the person in the front desk gave me a face of telling me not to lie. And then asked my mom she told the front desk we would be staying for two months “great I thought “I’m staying here for my whole
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