I Hate You Short Story

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I Hate You, Means I Love You Ch.11 *Nico´s P.O.V.* “Thalia, are you up?” I said while knocking on the door of her hotel room. A couple of minutes went by, before I heard a groan and Thalia´s heavy steps. Many would think that since she was a hunter her steps should be lighter and hard to notice, and they are. Her steps are feather-like 90 percent of the time, the thing is that she hates mornings so she express her feelings by dragging her feet and making as much noise as possible. “What do you want Di Angelo?” she grunted, before letting me in, and returning to bed. Since she didn’t closed the door, I did it, and then I flopped in the bed next to her. “Wake up” I mutter while shaking her shoulder. “Noo” she mumble after snuggling further in the sheets. “C´mon, Thals. Wake up” I insisted. “We should get going” Even as the words fall from my mouth, my body and brain seemed to think the complete…show more content…
“No. I´m tired, Nico. I don’t want to walk anymore!” Thalia complained. “We still have to take a photo with President Lincoln!!” I whined. Thalia and I have been walking around Washington for a couple of hours already. We took pictures in the Washington Monument, in front of the White House, in the Central Mall, we even went to some museums. All in all, we were tired, but I still wanted to go to the Abraham Lincoln Monument. “Nico, if I say yes, would you promise this will be the last place we go to before we go back to the hotel” “Yes I promise!! Besides we are leaving tomorrow, we gotta make the best out of this situation” I smirked. “Okay fine. Lead the way” She said. We walked all the way up the monument, by the time we reached the top my legs were almost ready to give in. We read the script on the wall quickly, or as quickly as a dyslexic kid could, and then we start our photo shoot. I would like to say that it was boring, but we actually had a lot of fun, sure we had to take a minute or two to kick some monsters ass, but nothing too
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