I Have A Better Life In El Salvador

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Fortunate, is what I call myself because I have a better life than most of my extended family. I was born and raised in El Salvador up until the age of six. When my parents decided that my brother and I would have a better future here in the United States. My parents left everything behind in El Salvador to give my siblings and I a better opportunity in education and life itself. Though my parents had to leave most of their family behind to provide for us, they have done it without second-guessing. My brother was eight and I was six when we ventured out into an unknown path with our mother to our better future. After we arrived from El Salvador, my father tried everything to make us feel at home. His efforts, at the time, were not enough. I missed my family, friends, my home, but most importantly my freedom.
Those six years that we lived in El Salvador were the best years of my life, thus far. The simple life we lived surrounded by family and friends, is the life that I longed for since our arrival. Almost seven months later we moved from an apartment complex to a house. My father 's efforts to help us feel more comfortable and at home continued. With the new house came our first year in an American school. My brother and I were eager to attend school, not knowing how many obstacles we would have to overcome. The first two years of attending an American school were the most difficult for us. Though, we made friends those same friends made an entertainment of our inability

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