I Have A Dream Speech Analysis

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In the past there have been many amazing and inspiring speeches that people have read. One of the amazing speeches was called I Have a Dream read by Martin Luther King Jr. He shared with the world that everyone is equal no matter the color of their skin. Another great speech that had been spoke was by Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain during the Civil War before they had gone into the three day battle at Gettysburg. His speech was so amazing and he had such great traits that he ended up convincing 120 mutineers to go into battle with him. Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain provoked a decision for the mutineers that they probably would never have done if they didn’t hear his speech. After Chamberlain’s powerful speech he had convinced all but 6 of 120 men to rejoin the battle and fight alongside Chamberlain himself and help out the North in their battle. In the text on page 8 of Killer Angels it states, “ It is the idea that we all have value, you and me, we’re worth something more than the dirt”(Shaara 8). This reveals that all of the mutineers have a purpose no matter where they came from. There is a reason he wants them to fight for the North. Another piece of information from the text states, “What were fighting for , in the end, is each other”(Shaara 8). This shows that they aren’t fighting for something little they are fighting for their own people. There is an actually purpose for them to choose and fight. The last piece of of evidence form the book is, “ I tell
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