What Is The Impact Of I Have A Dream Speech

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“I Have A Dream” is a speech delivered by Martin Luther King Jr. for jobs and freedom for African Americans. Martin Luther King Jr. was a well remembered as an influential activist during the civil right movement. He participated in boycotts to achieve equal rights for African Americans. In the 1950’s Martin Luther King Jr. became the leader for the civil rights movement. Hes’ famous “I Have A Dream” speech is remembered as the event that helped end the racism. Before the civil rights movement, he followed his family’s footsteps and became an American Baptist minister. King was a civil rights movements leader until his assassination. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. When Martin was a young boy he attended public school, until he graduated high school at the age of fifteen. He then pursued a further education at Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. After being awarded a B.D he continued his education at Boston University. He received his doctorate degree in 1955. King was a well educated young man by his mid twenties. King then followed his family’s footsteps and became a pastor at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. After the Civil War had abolished slavery African American…show more content…
The speech was a huge importance in demolishing racism and disrimination. Equality in America may have not been complished if it wasn’t for Martin Luther King Jr. We are now able to have different races attending school, restarunts, and tranportation together. We as Americans were able to acomplish many did not believe in. King’s “I Have A Dream” was able to change people prospects on equal rights. The speech is a very impotant part of our US history. This speech to me means that together we can acomplish anything we put our minds to. I selected this speech because it changed history in a better
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