Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil Rights Activist

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Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest person to achieve the Nobel Peace Prize, this proves that anyone can go from a humble man to someone who changed the world. Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights activist and religious preacher. He is most famously known for his, “I Have a Dream” speech. He participated in the bus boycott with Rosa Parks. He wanted every human equal no matter what you looked like. He got assassinated in Memphis Tennessee. Martin Luther King Jr.’s experiences with segregation and nonviolence when he was bullied as a child made him feel like he needed to speak up and become a civil rights activist when he was older. Martin Luther King was segregated from playing with his friends at just 6 years old. According to …show more content…

was forced to stand up on a bus for 90 miles because he was African American. In the article, “Heeding The Call” it says, “Returning to Atlanta by bus, he experienced that need first hand when he and his teacher were ordered to give up their seats to white passengers. They stood in the aisle for the ninety-mile trip. “It was a night I’ll never forget,” King said later. “I don’t think I have ever been so deeply angry in my life.” (Childress) Several years later King was involved in the bus boycott with Rosa Parks. He dealt with the first-hand experience of being segregated in transportation.This helped him as an adult to teach others and protest that it was unethical. He learned how immoral it was that African Americans had to stand up for whites on a …show more content…

According to the article, “THE SOUTH: Attack On The Coincidence” it states, ”Perched on a bluff overlooking Atlanta 's business district, the two-story yellow brick King home was a happy one, where Christianity was a way of life. Each day began and ended with family prayer. Martin was required to learn Scripture verse for recitation at evening meals. He went to Sunday school, morning and evening services.”(Time) Since King’s family was Christian it taught him important lessons and morals. These gave him experience in creating protests peacefully. With positive reinforcement in his home, it offered him a happy lifestyle as an adult. In the article produced by Encyclopedia Britannica, it states, “King came from a comfortable middle-class family steeped in the tradition of the Southern black ministry: both his father and maternal grandfather were Baptist preachers. His parents were college-educated, and King’s father had succeeded his father-in-law as pastor of the prestigious Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta.” (Lewis, Carson) King’s father led by example and taught King that being a Baptist preacher was the correct path to go in order to live a good life. King proved this by going back to the South even though he didn’t have to, to teach people in the area that God can teach everyone a lesson. When Martin Luther King Jr. was a kid he was bullied and made-fun-of, he did not speak up which made

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