I Have Lived A Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust

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Literary Analysis War is defined as a conflict between different Nations or States or different groups within a Nation or State. However, war affects more than just those who fight in it. In I Have Lived a Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust, War uproots the main character's life. It forces Ellie to deal with the loss of her family,the threat of death, and the fear of starvation. ‘I am asking you to risk your life’, Ellie whispers(Pg 134, Bitton-Jackson). Ellie is dealing with the possible death of her mother who is in the sick ward and has been there for about three and a half weeks. In Auschwitz your life can be taken at any time, many prisoners will disappear without question. Any wrong move and you can be killed on the spot or sent to the gas chambers. Ellie recalls many of her fellow prisoners vanishing during the day or night. If they were lucky they would be sent to the gas chambers. If they were unlucky, they would be beaten to death. Ellie's family has been…show more content…
In I Have Lived A Thousand Years: Growing Up In The Holocaust, Ellie is forced to change the way that she looks at her life and how she lives it. From a German Ghetto to Auschwitz and working in a factory, Ellie has to stay strong and be a light in one of the darkest times in history. From the innocent girl with a great family in a middle class neighborhood to a strong, brave, and compassionate girl that lives through the horror of the Holocaust, Ellie is a great example of how you should never overlook the little things in life. Ellie is grateful for everything that she has even though we would consider this to be nothing. Her “hopefulness” that all things will be okay is something that all people could learn from. She is compassionate towards people even though there is nothing to look forward to. Even in the worst circumstances a human can endure, she relies on her faith and never gives

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