I Hear America Singing Comparison

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Compare/Contrast paper “America was never America to me.” This quote means that the author is not just exposing the problem; he promises to contribute to the future solution. In the poems “I Hear America Singing” and “Let America be America Again” the two poets are expressing their true love for America. Walt Whitman wrote “IHAS” and Langston Hughes wrote “LABAA” . These poets both love America but the perspectives of each poem is different. In these two poems , both writers are discussing the American Dream. They both want success for America.They also want opportunities to achieve . Whitman and Hughes represent a list of individuals , but in different ways. One is talking patriotically and the other is talking frustratedly. In “I Hear America Singing” , the author mentions different people with…show more content…
“I Hear America Singing” has a free verse style. This poem was created in the mid 1800s , during a rise in immigrants and the Industrial Revolution. The author is writing about how each individual song celebrates “his” work that only “he” can fulfill effectively. You couldn’t sing on your job if you didn’t truly believe in your efforts and take pride in your work. The theme of this poem is “individual workers and liberties make America great.The purpose of Whitman’s poem is to celebrate workers and success. This poem also has a patriotic tone because of the author’s love to the country. “Let America be America Again” has a rhyming style. Hughes’ poem was created in the mid 1900s during the time of the civil rights movement. He writes about how he is feeling left out of the American Dream. “Let it be the dream it used to be,” the author says with little hope , yet it once had been an America he could believe in. The theme of this poem is individuals who feel excluded because America has failed to deliver on its promises of liberty for all. The poem’s tone is frustrated because Hughes wants everyone to be
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