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I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by Josua Harris, was written to encourage individuals to forsake modern dating and turn to a more Biblical perspective of dating. In chapter six, "The Right Thing at the Wrong Time is the Wrong Thing," Harris discusses the importance of using singleness to bring honor and glory to God.
Also, in chapter twelve, "Redeeming the Time," Harris explains the importance of using the time one has as a single individual to prepare one 's self for God 's plans. Singleness is a time to grow in the Lord and develop one 's character. He explains that one must be a good steward of the time the Lord has given him.

In Chapter six, Harris effectively proves the importance of using one 's singleness to
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First, I learned that this time of singleness in my life is a gift from God, and I need to thank Him and be content with the gift He has given me. Second, from this book I learned that as a single individual I have less distractions, and should therefore use this time to focus on my relationship with the Lord by spending more time talking to God in prayer. The Third thing I took away from this book was not to focus on the fact that I am single, but to look for ways the Lord can use me to serve others. I know that as a single individual I have more time on my hands, and this time should be used to encourage others in the Lord. Fourth, I learned even though I am not married, I should still work on developing the skills that would help me in marriage because one day I may get married. Specifically, I need to work on keeping track of my finances better, and save more of my money for the future. Firth, I learned that I need to focus on the future less and more on what God is doing right now. I have a tendency to stress about graduate school, and in the mean time I am failing to see what He is doing right now. God is always doing something and I must look for what He is doing right now. I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris is full of good Biblical lessons on
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