I Learned To Become A Teacher

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My college career has been devoted to learning how to become a teacher. I 've taken a variety of courses that not only have exposed me to new content, but to a new perspective about education. I have learned about the teaching strategies, techniques and approaches that make a great teacher. Student teaching will enable me to put them into practice. Furthermore, the opportunity to student teach will provide me with a strong foundation to become the best teacher I can. I believe that I am prepared to embark on this new endeavor because I am ready to continue to learn about teaching from the teaching field, fellow teachers and most importantly my students. Throughout my education and SLS courses, I have been exposed to different information that have prepared me for this next step in my academic career. I 've also gained deeper knowledge of content and about the materials to used to convey it. My courses have provided me with knowledge of how the school system works and of what goes into planning a lesson and preparing a classroom. I 've learned from my education professors that one of the most vital aspects of teaching is the knowledge of strategies and getting to know the students. If teachers are able to identify their students ' needs and know how to approach those needs, they will be able to reach all their students. This is a vital concept because classrooms are filled with different kinds of learners and our jobs as teachers is to provide them all with quality

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