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My college career has been devoted to learning how to become a teacher. I 've taken a variety of courses that not only have exposed me to new content, but to a new perspective about education. I have learned about the teaching strategies, techniques and approaches that make a great teacher. Student teaching will enable me to put them into practice. Furthermore, the opportunity to student teach will provide me with a strong foundation to become the best teacher I can. I believe that I am prepared to embark on this new endeavor because I am ready to continue to learn about teaching from the teaching field, fellow teachers and most importantly my students. Throughout my education and SLS courses, I have been exposed to different information that have prepared me for this next step in my academic career. I 've also gained deeper knowledge of content and about the materials to used…show more content…
Although I have experience with children, I have never been in charge of a classroom, hence my insecurity. I am intimidated by what I don 't know about managing a classroom, and if I will approach it the right way. To address this issue, I plan to pay close attention to how my cooperating teacher works. I want to learn as much as I can from him/her. This is one of the many reasons I believe that student teaching is an essential part of a teacher 's career because it is during this time that we experience for the first time what is like to be a teacher. Consequentially, what I hope to gain from my student teaching experience are strategies and experiences that will help me to become the best teacher I can. I hope to learn and understand the way that schools work. Through this opportunity, I will be able to put into practice everything that I have learned and to challenge myself to continue to learn new things. Above all, I hope to make a great impression and be of most help to my cooperating teacher and

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