I Like A Lion In A Zoo Figurative Language

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1. Referring to travel between different bodies, the protagonist, A emphasizes,
“having to decide the importance of each and every memory.”(52). Strictly speaking, that it is necessary to depict the importance of all memories gained. Therefore the mood created is confident that categorizing each memory acquired as important or not, is vital to A’s mental stability. A explains that while each memory is processed, not every single one is required for A to progress as a being. Keeping all of the memories would result in overload of information.
While embarking A’s complicated situation, embodying different personalities daily creates massive weight on the shoulders. Examples such as a cousin’s first birthday party or a high school talent show
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Struggling with identity A elaborates, “I am like the fish in an aquarium, thinking in a different language, adapting to a life that’s not my natural habitat. I am the people in the other cars, each with his or her own story, but passing too quickly to be noticed or understood.”(184).
In other words, “I am like a lion in a zoo, processing life differently, changing to fit the circumstances that are not natural for me. I am the people in the street, they all have their own story, but swift by too quick to hear.”
One example of the ample figurative language in the quote is . “I am like the fish in an aquarium”, a simile expressing how A feels inhabitant in life. Constantly shifting between boy and girl, big and small; you feel out of place. This is comparable to how a fish feels when held captive in an aquarium. Another use of figurative language is metaphoric, “I am the people in the other cars.” A tells how the people move too fast to understand. The protagonist compares the lifestyle of never being explainable, to how people in passing cars are never understood by us in perspective.

I recall this as an important quote in the book to address because it sums up A’s being in a perfect manner. A will never feel at home because living in a single body is not an option, yet switching bodies too quick for anyone to understand the significance of the

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