I Ll Give You The Sun Analysis

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Parent to child relationships today have become extremely fragile, but why? Communication between parents and their children plays a key role in literature, as well as real life. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare explores the lives of two families in the midst of a very long feud, the Montagues and the Capulets. When Juliet, a Capulet, and Romeo, a Montague fall in love Juliet decides she cannot tell her parents about it, only her Nurse. The decisions made by the two lovers led them to a point where in the end, they both end up committing suicide. In I’ll Give you the Sun by Jandy Nelson readers meet Jude, a girl struggling to cope with her dysfunctional family, for she feels as though they have neglected her. Kathy Griffin is an American…show more content…
She feels abandoned by her only living parent because he rarely speaks to her. We also see that during her mother’s life, Jude’s brother Noah got most of her attention. She explains to readers that “You start to wonder why your dead parent is more present and accounted for than the living one. Most of the time, I only know Dad's home because I hear a toilet flush or the TV turn on” (Nelson 149). Jude feels completely isolated from her parents. One no longer alive, and the other does not communicate anything with her anymore. He sits alone with his own thoughts, and Jude with her’s. Her twin brother Noah tells readers that during their mother’s life, the “Truth is, I think Mom and I had gotten used to not noticing her when the three of us were together” (73). Noah and his mother ignored Jude whenever they were all out doing something, because of this lack of being able to talk to her mother while she was still alive, it just pushed Jude further and further away from her family. Due to feeling like her parents are pushing her away, Jude becomes more and more contained to herself, if they would just talk to her, or make her feel as though she could talk to them, maybe she would not feel so
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