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I'll Give You the Sun, is a beautiful, breathtaking novel written by Jandy Nelson. Noah and Jude are twins and the two main characters. Throughout the book it switches between each of their perspectives at different ages. Noah is 13-14 years old, and a bit odd, he doesn't talk to many people, is constantly painting pictures in his head and is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality. Years later, Jude is 16 and has changed dramatically after her mother's sudden death; trying to become invisible, avoiding all boys and not enjoying creating art at the California School of Arts, or CSA - when suddenly, she has a change of heart and starts to work on the most important sculpture of her life. She becomes a student of a famous sculptor and…show more content…
Noah and Jude hardly talked and their Father was always going out for walks, "clearing his head." The Mother's death was sudden and unexpected, as she was killed in a car accident, which was another big factor that caused the twins to lose touch, as neither of them were expecting it in any way. I know that if I experienced something so sudden and life changing like that, it would affect me dramatically, maybe even causing me to shut people out, like Jude and Noah did to most people. The guilt that ensued after the Mum's death also majorly affected the twins. Each thought that they had caused their Mums death in different ways, whether it was something they said or something they did the last time they saw her. Both twins carried this self-blame with them for years afterwards. Jude always thought that her mother was watching over her from the afterlife, blaming her for her death. She felt like her mother was angry at her and seeking revenge, this was because Jude was in a fight with her when her mother died and her last words to her were "I hate you." Whereas Noah thought he was the one that caused his Mothers death, as the night before she found out about his sexuality and he found out the fact that she wanted to divorce his father. That morning they both got into a fight and as she was driving away, Noah was yelling at

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