I Ll Never Smoke Willy Again Analysis

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I’ll Never Smoke Weed with Willy Again On Thursday, March 10, Mr. Steve Rossi led an ethics week presentation. His presentation focused around the idea of having self-awareness, accountability, and responsibility. Mr. Rossi discussed how these topics reflect the choices we make and how they display our moral judgement. In order to have moral judgment, you have to own up to your own actions and must not blame someone else for your wrong doings. Morals are consisted of or concerned with the judgment of goodness or badness of human actions or characteristics. They comprise one’s sense of right or wrong and the way one behaves. If something is right or wrong, it is right or wrong for everybody, and it is not a personal preference.
One’s sense of right or wrong may come from several different factors. Firstly, faith may have an important role. Your friends can also have a significant influence on your sense of right or wrong. They are a reflection of your character and behavior and will influence you both positively and negatively. Your family also has a great impact on your sense of right or wrong. Your first rules of behavior and consequences are learned from your parents or whoever raises you. These are also the first rules we challenge. Lastly, the law is the minimal
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For example, someone who cheats on their significant other is not doing something illegal, however, the act of cheating is unethical and wrong. This type of character may affect someone’s business life since it is conclusive that you are who you are in both your personal and business life. A business may decide not to hire someone who is cheating on their wife, since such an act reflects one’s morals. If someone treats their wife that way, there’s a great possibility that they will treat their boss with the same disrespect. Under the right set of circumstances, anyone is capable of
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