I Ll Open The Window Rita Dove Analysis

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Love is a task that can never be completely understood. No one knows how it happens. But everyone knows that it comes just as easily as air through an open window. In two contrasting poems, Anna Swir and Rita Dove analyze their different experiences with love. In “I’ll Open the Window,” by Anna Swir, a break-up of a couple is illustrated. The author explains the way that she handled her break-up as soon as it had happened but later she had an enlightenment on the situation. This poem reveals the tone of melancholy, at the beginning, and then delightfulness, in the end. This poem also reveals the mood of encouragement. With this in mind “Flirtatious,” by Rita Dove, is complimentary while also being opposition to the poem “I’ll Open…show more content…
This poem also communicates the tone of delightfulness with the joy of being in love, including the mood of encouragement. Both of these writers used various poetic devices to illustrate the tones and moods of the poems. The poetic devices that assisted in communicating the tones and moods were similes, metaphors, and personification. Similes allow the writers to enhance the tone and mood of the poems. Dove and Swir use many similes to strengthen the tone and mood within the poem. In the second and third stanza, Dove writes, “An orange, peeled and quartered, flares / like a tulip on a wedgewood plate.” The strong words and phrases that Dove uses allows the tone and mood to become clear. By using the words and phrases; “orange, peeled and quartered,” “flares,” and “a tulip on a wedgewood plate,” allows the reader to interpret the tone and mood of the poem. The phrase, “orange, peeled and quartered,”creates a smell of a saccharin aroma in the reader’s mind. When the reader thinks about the sweet scent they imagine being delighted by the smell. This provides the tone of delightfulness…show more content…
The way that Dove and Swir use metaphors in their poems do exactly this. Dove uses a metaphor to describe the beautiful stars in the night sky, “and night strewn salt across the sky.” A lot of people find delight when looking at the stars so it would make sense for Dove to use the concept of stars in her poem. Many people believe that if you wish upon a shooting star then your wish will come true. So by using stars in this comparison she is able to bring encouragement to the readers. Anna Swir also uses metaphors in her poem “Flirtatious” to unmask the tones and moods. Swir writes, “Do not come anymore. / I am an animal / very rarely.” This is the last stanza in the poem, which is after her realization. When the reader reads this they can see that there is still some melancholy in her voice, but she is trying to be delighted of the new opportunities that are around the corner. This allows the reader to know that you can still be mad and disappointed about the recent events, while still being encouraged to continue with life. These poets both used metaphors to explain the tone and mood of the poems. Something else that the metaphors had in common was that they both were comparisons to or of nature. Dove compared salt to stars in the night sky. While Swir compared herself to an animal. These poems once again are similar yet
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