I Lost My Talk Poem Analysis

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THE HISTORY OF CANADIAN LITERATURE THE HISTORY OF CANADIAN LITERATURE Canadian literature refers to the body of writing authored by Canadians that include writings in the languages of aboriginals as well as the translations of such text. “Canadian literature in English” refers to all the Anglophone writings of Canada including the works of immigrant writers and temporary residents of Canada. The early writings of Canadian literature in English were written by explorers, travelers and British officials in the form of diaries and journals. The early writings follow the British traditions and also values local cultures. It also describes the heroic journeys of the explorers to the north and west and their encounters with the First nations. In 1751 printing press was brought to Halifax and it lead to the development of literature in Canada.
The History of Emily Montague (1769) was one of the pioneering work in Canadian literature, it was the first novel written by an
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“I Lost My Talk” is an important poem in that reveals her anger and inability to inherit her own language. The following lines reveal her anger: “Let me find my Talk/ So I can teach you about me”.
Jeannette C. Armstrong wrote a lot of poetry and novel to create a new way of Native writing. She established En’owkin International School of First Nations students. Her works also act as an interface between the Oral and literary tradition. She was one of the three writers who published novels in 1980’s along with Beatrice Culleton and Ruby Slipperjack. Beatrice Culleton’s In Search of April Raintree (1983) was the first modern novel published by an Aboriginal writer. It has autobiographical elements and the gender and sexual politics of Aboriginal- White
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