I Love Bread Analysis

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Oprah loves bread.

This was a message Dipper, along with millions of Americans, had hammered into their skull every time that dumb commercial beamed onto their television. Whoever was in charge of managing advertising on Gravity Falls public broadcasting was obsessed with that commercial, making sure it played during every ad break on Ducktective.

"This is the joy for me!" Oprah exclaimed for about the thirty-sixth time Dipper had heard today. "I. Love. Bread. I love bread."

Everything about this commercial unnerved Dipper. From the tone in Oprah's voice about the simple wheat product to the way she made eye contact with the viewer, he had a strange feeling in his gut something wasn't right about this commercial.

"I now just manage it so
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It's just a stupid diet commercial.

Still, Dipper couldn't help but look away from the TV for the rest of the ad. He also thought about it a bit more before going to bed.

You're paranoid, Dipper...

Dipper found himself outside of an unknown mansion.

Ah, Dipper thought to himself. Am I...lucid dreaming? Yeah, I know I'm dreaming! I have this dream on a regular basis.

Just to make sure it was indeed that dream, he looked down at himself. He had a much more muscular body, felt a lot taller, and noted one detail was absolutely perfect - he had a full set of chest hair!

Dipper fist-pumped, excited to be doing this for the first time, and continued on with his usual dream. To the left of him, there was a gazebo, which he entered. Inside the gazebo was a hot tub, a flat-screen TV, a popcorn machine, a full arcade...pretty much everything you could ever wish for. (This was already a great dream on its own. Dipper was now going to make it even better.)

He turned towards the hot tub, in which there were several of Wendy's friends inside, wearing bathing suits.

"Hey, Dipper!" Thompson exclaimed. "Glad you could make it. Wendy's supposed to be here any
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