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I love dogs! I also love being outside playing with my two dogs. One is a lab/retriever and the other one is a heeler/rot mix. So both are very high in energy. I 'll be honest. I think dog parks are a great thing! It is a great way for dogs to make freinds, get exercise and learn to listen to you. But I also think they aren 't for everybody.

I work with dogs all day. It 's my job. Working there I learn a lot about dog communication. This is very important! A dog park where dogs can be off leash to learn how to communicate with other dogs to lower the amount of dog aggression and barking would be wonderful! Esspecially when your state has a rule of no dogs off leash. How are dogs suppossed to learn? If there is a dog park there will be less dog aggression then there will be barely problems with people taking other people to court when a dog attacks another owner 's dog. A lot of the times people don 't teach their dogs how to treat other dogs at a young age and now we all have this
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Now lastly....do you have your dog not listening to you all the time? Most dogs do this at a certain age. This is the flight instinct age. The dog is testing his/her waters seeing how much you 'll step in. The dog is basically challenging you but also getting to know his/her boundries. I always love taking my younger dog off the leash, walking away from her, and calling her name. She learns my voice as well as learns to come to me. The fence provided by the dog park thankfully keeps my dog from running away.

So a dog park is a great tool as well as an enjoyable place to go outside with your best freind and have some fun! So I definately do think we should have off-leash dog park! I also think not all people should go unless they are willing to put the time and work in to train their dog. But if they are and everyone is careful as I explained it is a great way for your dog to learn dog communication, get exercise, and learn to listen to you even without a leash

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