I Love Lucy, Glee, And Modern Family

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Generations through American television have changed throughout the many decades. As decades continued, television started to show social change. For the most part, the past half-century has been mostly positive in TV. Every generation I introduce will have have new slang, different beliefs, and communication skills. I will be showing how generations have changed throughout the years with I Love Lucy, Glee, and Modern Family. The TV show I Love Lucy first aired on television in the 1950s. I Love Lucy was adored for its cultural differences and “how Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were the first television millionaires”(Banks 244). In the 1950s television was broadcasted on a little box and aired as white and black. It became a cultural force…show more content…
Airing in 2009, Glee made its debut on television while focusing on different themes such as: social issues, relationships, sex, and race. In the 2000s, television started to become more complex. TV shows in color had been already introduced and became more raunchy as before in the 90s. Being focused in high school, there was obviously a lot more slang than the early times. Many kids were being bullied in this series for just being gay and who they really were. There were many different beliefs in the glee club. Some came from different backgrounds and religions. Stories about suicides and gay-bullying became popular in 2010. “The series is written into the optimism of its underlying premise: that the glee club is a safe space where you can embrace who you really are despite the bullies”(Becker 132). Communication skills grew wider in the 2000s where technology was more the medium. As seen from these two generations so far, there came a long way from each tv show in different…show more content…
This TV show series first started to air in 2009 up until present day 2016. The first season episode starts with Phil Dunphy(one of the main characters)waking up on his birthday. “All set to wake up early the next day---his birthday--and get in line at 6 a.m. at the Apple Store to buy an iPad”(Sandler 253). In this episode Phil says, “Got to hit the sack, big Saturday tomorrow the iPad comes out on my actual birthday”(“Modern Family”). As generations continue, the world slowly comes viable on technology. Phil really wanted to wake up at 6 a.m.;especially on his birthday for an iPad. That is where we are now in 2016. Technology is now a part of our lives. Look back at the 90’s with I Love Lucy, the show is about coming together with family and making laughs out of it. Now with Modern Family, we are introduced to the whole new world of technology everybody feeds off of. With this TV show, slang is a big part of it. Phil tries to act “hip” and “cool” around his kids. Different beliefs are shared throughout the show as well. Cam and his husband are a newly married gay couple. Jay and his family are diverse with his wife and son who are from Cuba. Finally, with communication skills, the kids all text each other instead of talking. Communication skills are now used through our

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