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“I love me betty” this quote said by tituba a character from the crucible. After they got caught dancing in the woods. Betty went into like a coma and did not wake up. Tituba is a servant for rev parris. She was accused of witchcraft. She confessed to witchcraft. Tituba was in jail and she thought her and sarah good could fly to barbados. Tituba and I have a very similar personality traits and that we are both pleaser, nurturing, and crazy.
Tituba and I have the same trait we like to please people. Tituba displayed her pleasing side when she did not say nothing about what happened in the woods. She did it to please abigail so that she would not kill them. Being a pleaser is one of my major traits. One time when my mom was really mad at me and she went to spend the night at her boyfriend's house I cleaned the whole house. Before she came back.when she came back she was very happy that I cleaned the house while she was gone. Another example is when ever my friend was really upset. So I got something for her so she was not upset anymore.To make her feel better.
The next trait that we both show is nurturing. Tituba shows her nurturing side by whenever the girls got caught in the woods dancing. Betty pretended to be in a coma. No
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Tituba displayed craziness in the story by when she is in jail after confessing to witchcraft. Her and Sarah good thought that they could fly to barbados. They thought that the devil would take them there. I show craziness when I am with my foster sisters Sierra Milliam, Sierra Stewart, and Lisa Miller. When our foster mom leaves and we are home alone. We are silly and dance around the house and we like to sing and make really funny videos. We are all really crazy when our foster mom Tona leaves. Another example is when I am with my mom in public and we are walking around town. We see really weird people around Greensburg. My mom says really funny things about them and I crack up
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