I Love Rules Analysis

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David was a little boy in the book Rules who was usually babysitted by his older sister Kate. David was an autistic child which means that he had a mental health problem that made him think different and more strange then someone usually would. David´s older sister Kate did not usually like to babysit him because well… since he had autism he could be quite annoying at times. David would have those times where he would just get up and start running around and screaming or he would do things like scream and yell. David did enjoy his life and did lots of things to keep himself busy and most importantly… David… Loves… Rules. David was a nice kid and times but he could be a pain as well because he was quite a young kid and he had a mental illness…show more content…
Like I had said David loved rules and I mean LOVED rules, every single time he was asked to do something he would do it and every single time he was given a rule to follow he would never hesitate breaking that rule. An example of this is when David saw something that he wanted really badly but then remembered a rule that he was given. That rule was that ¨If someone has something that you really want, you must ask them politely if you can have a turn and you must wait until they are done no matter how badly you want it¨. This did happen at one point in the story but David did follow that rule and asked politely for his turn and waited until the person that was using what he wanted to use was done. David was a very peculiar kid during the story because of the way he behaved and the way he did things throughout the story. David had several character traits which made him who he was, he had excitement all the time, he was cooperative, sometimes rude, curious, and had lots of energy. By what I read about him I feel like if he was to grow up he would grow up to be something and have a nice life. David was a very nice character throughout the book and if there was a part 2 for this story I would for sure read
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