I Love Skiing Research Paper

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Austin Rygh
English 101
Sexton Hall Room # 3003
The Wonders of Skiing

Skiing is my favorite sport due to the intense workout it gives me, the social aspect of it, and how it brings people out in nature during the winter months. I grew up skiing in the mountains of McCall, Idaho. Skiing has always been second nature for me and whenever I am shredding down the slopes I feel at home. I have been able to stay in shape throughout the year due to my love of skiing. I stand at the top of the slope, adrenaline surging through my veins as I dive over the edge. The hill gets steeper and I gain speed rapidly. I carve my way down the hill, left, right, left, right. I jump off the main run, weave my way through trees, and then shoot back onto the trail. I spin my body ninety degrees and come to an immediate stop, throwing up a huge powder cloud enveloping my friend in a whiteout of snow. Skiing provides people with an intense workout and long-lasting benefits. Adrenaline and endorphins are let lose into the bloodstream causing a sense of wellbeing.
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My parents raised me and were very nature-oriented so we were always camping, hiking, or doing something outdoors. Being outdoors is very important to me and is key to staying healthy. Skiing allows people to do that in the winter months, making it so they can stay in shape year round. I feel sorry for people who spend their winters cooped up inside trying to stay warm. The key to being outdoors in the colder months is to prepare for it and wear warm clothes. Many people think that just means wearing a warm coat, but there is more to it than that. To stay warm one must wear layers. First should be a base layer, then, a pair of long johns and a thermal shirt. The next layer should be snow pants and a warm sweatshirt, then follow that with a nice pair of gloves and a winter jacket. That should keep you warm during the winter
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