I M An Ordinary Woman Analysis

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The Binary Opposition between Men and Women
Men and woman have always been looked at differently. There are many differences between the two genders, and some might even argue that men and women are opposite of each other and not just different from one another. The song "I 'm an Ordinary Man" composed by Frederic Loewe focuses on the binary opposition between men and women, which is seen through metaphors, hyperboles, and the music.
The use of metaphors in the song emphasizes how a man is more civilized than a woman. In the beginning, the composer states: "Let a woman in your life, and you 're up against a wall" (Loewe 11). The metaphor shows that that if a man lets a woman in his life it will cause him countless problems. He will not be able to control her, and instead she will take control over him. The metaphor also shows how a woman has no boundaries and cannot think of anything than herself. This is opposite to the man as he describes himself as patient through the metaphor “A patient man am I, down to my fingertips” (27). Through the metaphor he is able to show that he considers his patience to be strong. Even though, the woman will test it, and his patience will not help him much. The man can try to stay civilized and patient, but the act of letting a woman in his life will end up being like “you’re plunging in a knife” (40). Through this metaphor the composer is able to show that letting a woman in your life will almost end up causing your death. The woman is
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