I M Here Mi Hijo Analysis

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Enrique’s dilemma is that he can either stay in the U.S with his mother or go back to Honduras to be with his girlfriend and child. In the story it says “He gives her a hug. Then a kiss. ‘You’re here, mi hijo’ ‘I’m here ,’ he says”’ (Nazario 190). This shows that Enrique should stay with his mother because he has finally reached her in the U.S. He has completed his mission of finding his mother and shouldn’t leave because he nearly died on several occasions. Also, if he stays in the U.S he can make more money for his family than he would in Honduras. On the other hand, the book also states “Eventually, Maria Isabel tells him of some of the problems she, too, is having. Enrique’s family constantly criticizes her” (203). This shows why Enrique
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